Medical School Student Support Team

The Team

Please email for all general enquiries

Claire StockerStudent Support Domain Lead

Dr Claire Stocker is responsible for the student support systems within the Medical School.

Jess WillmoreStudent Support Manager and Pastoral Support 

Jess Willmore

Dr Emma Spikings Academic Support                                                   

Dr Emma Spikings

Alison Giggins:  Student Support Assistant

Nikki Dean:  Student Support Assistant

Mark Smyth:  Student Support - Support Assistant

Ali Westbrook:  Eportfolio Administrator

The team will ensure that you have all the help, support and guidance, whether personal or academic, during your studies on the MB ChB programme.

The following are examples of where the Student Support Team can provide support to you:

  1. Study skills
  2. Significant difficulties with communication
  3. Significant physical or mental health concerns
  4. Concerns around attitude or conduct
  5. Supporting students going through formal university procedures

There are a number of reasons why medical students struggle and some of you may need additional support because of health problems or disabilities which impact in some way on your performance.   The Student Support Team is responsible for supporting those of you with these conditions to ensure that you can perform optimally on the course.  We will balance the needs of each of you with any course provisions, providing wherever possible reasonable adjustments, enabling you to achieve and progress according to your potential.  It is not compulsory for any of you who are referred to the Support Team to take up the support offered however, the team has a commitment to all of you and we encourage you to maximise the benefit of the advice we provide.  

Milton Keynes Hospital Occupational Health Service (OHS)

OHS is a multiprofessional field that deals primarily with the two-way interaction between work and health. The professions within Occupational Health include Occupational Medicine, Occupational Health Nursing, Occupational Psychology, etc.  The OHS has the broad remit of ensuring that work (study) does not have an adverse impact on health and vice versa. Some of the means by which this remit is fulfilled include providing impartial advice on medical fitness for work (study); on fitness to return to work (study) following ill health or injury; and on adjustments that may be considered to support individuals with disabilities. The service is also responsible for administering recommended vaccinations to medical students which helps to protect them, and also their patients, from various communicable diseases.

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