Mitigating Circumstances

Sometimes events or circumstances happen that are beyond our control and unfortunately sometimes these fall at inconvenient times, affecting assessments or examinations.

The Medical School recognises that students may suffer from an illness or other serious and unforeseen events or set of circumstances which may mean that they cannot attend an assessment, or if they do attend the assessment, that their performance may be sub-optimal. In such cases the mitigating circumstances procedures may be applied. These are designed to ensure the fair and consistent treatment of all students. Please refer to the Mitigating Circumstances Policy for all details about the procedure. 

There are strict deadlines in place for submissions for consideration (please see below). 
Dates will be posted on Moodle and are available from Student Support.

Submissions of mitigation are considered by a Mitigating Circumstances Group whose members are not at that stage aware of the results of the assessment.  The group meets before each meeting of the Board of Examiners and consider the evidence provided and decide whether to accept the mitigation.  You must understand that mitigation can never change the grade you are awarded for an assessment, only the consequences of that grade for your progression.  

Mitigating Circumstances forms can be found below or under our Useful Forms section (on the right side of this page)

You should download the form, fill it in, and then email your completed MC forms (along with personal tutor/pastoral forms and independent evidence) to:


Where relevant, students must submit Mitigating Circumstances (MC) forms with evidence before the start time of any exam/assessment. 

All foreseen events must be submitted before the assessment date and at the very latest by the deadline below for review by the Mitigating Circumstances Committee. If they are submitted late; come without evidence or are trivial, they will not be viewed positively and possibly not at all.

Should unforeseen events happen on the day or very close to the time of the assessment, forms should be submitted immediately after the exam/assessment to meet the deadline below and the Student Support team alerted to the problem. 

It is the student's responsibility to provide all the relevant documentation (e.g. Student Notification Form/Personal Tutor/Pastoral Form and supporting evidence) to meet the deadline. 

Please note, the deadline dates are subject to change depending on the date of the Exam Board. 

Examination   Deadline for submission
QE Before the exams for known circumstances or 29th January 2023 for circumstances occurring immediately prior to or during the exams


Examination   Deadline for submission
ETA6 Before the exams for known circumstances or 11th January 2023 for circumstances occurring immediately prior to or during the exams
QE Before the exams for known circumstances or 26th February 2023 for circumstances occurring immediately prior to or during the exams

Examination   Deadline for submission 


Examination   Deadline for submission


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