Professionalism and Behaviour

As a University student, this time is a unique chapter in your life and we hope you enjoy this period of your studies. However, some of our courses, and your future professions, are regulated by professional bodies, and you may have a professional duty to comply with the standards expected of you that are different to other students at the University.

Medical students must be aware that behaviour outside the clinical environment, including in your personal lives, can bring the profession of medicine into disrepute and impact upon their fitness to practise as a doctor in the future.

The General Medical Council lays out what is expected of doctors and medical students in its documents 'Good Medical Practice' and 'Achieving Good Medical Practice'.  The Medical School bases their expectations on these.

You should also be familiar with the University General Policies and Regulations which all students attending the University should adhere to.  


including a talk to our students by the MDU (Medical Defence Union)


There are a number of situations where you may get into problems. These could relate to your friendships and relationships, behaviour in public, the misuse of drugs and/or alcohol or the unacceptable use of social media. You must take care to abide by the expectations and show consideration for the standards expected of being a doctor.

The Medical School and University general expectations for your attitudes and behaviour are in the 'Student Agreement', which you have received and signed you agree with. Please take the time to reflect on the implications of what you have signed up to. It will avoid a lot of potential grief in the future. 

Any conduct that gives cause for concern, may be referred into our Concerns process and investigated further. The FMHS Student Support team will support and advise you through this process if necessary.

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