Welcome to the Buckingham Campus

Please make sure you read all emails from the Faculty regarding operations and instructions for your lessons. The Medical School building location can be found here. 

If you need to pick up your Student ID card or if at any time during your studies you lose your card - please contact Registry (registry@buckingham.ac.uk)

Please see our Covid-19 page for more information about Covid guidelines.

Maps of the Medical School Building can be found here - the map may help you navigate to your allocated classrooms for teaching sessions.

If you're here in Buckingham for the first time, here is some useful information:

  • On campus - Buckingham has the Old Tanlaw Mill (OTM) restaurant for meals and beverages, and also the Vinson building and the Franciscan building cafe's for snacks and beverages. Click here for the main University's webpage for more information.

  • Local food supermarkets: Tesco, Aldi, Lidl are all big superstores located a short walk away from campus (do a Google maps search for location). They sell food, cooking utensils and other random items you may need. There are also smaller food shops in town like Tescos Express, Sainsbury's Local and Waitrose. The High Street also has Clays the Butchers, who do lovely meat and deli products, There are also plenty of coffee shops, sandwich bars and takeaway shops.  Tescos/Sainsbury's and Waitrose all provide home delivery options too, so if you are unable to go out if you are ill (or isolating) then please visit their websites for more details.

  • Amazon parcel lockers are located outside the Medical School Building, so if you are ordering items online, these can be used for picking up (and posting back) Amazon purchases.

  • Supermarket websites, Amazon and Argos are good places to look online if you need cooking/bedding and more general houseware items. All do home deliveries. There is also a small shop on Castle Street (just the other side of the big Parish Church) called Essentials which sells household items and student supplies. You'll pass it if you're walking into town from the main campus.

  • Buckingham has a wide range of takeaways and restaurants and most do deliveries too (if ordering over a certain amount). Places include: Domino's Pizza; Louis restaurant; BINNs restaurant, various Indian & Italian restaurants, the Kebab van in town; Fish & Chip shops, McDonalds, Beefeater, a wide range of coffee shops and lots of local pubs serving a range of menu items.  Do a Google search for more details.

  • Transport: Buckingham has good bus links to nearby towns and railway stations and all pick up in town or bus stops near the University. Arriva buses (X60) and Stagecoach (X5) are the main buses servicing Buckingham. Buckingham also has taxi services (please Google for details). Click here for more information.

  • Buckingham Town Council has information about local markets/parks/green spaces/ events and local maps. This website is also a helpful resource to see what local events are taking place (there is normally a timetable of exciting things going on during the year, from Music in the Marketplace, various parades and festivals, to Fireworks in the park and Christmas markets. There is also information about the local Park Run, which is free to join and other local sporting opportunities outside of those run by the University, Take a look.

Last modified: Monday, 20 November 2023, 4:53 PM