The Concerns process exists to identify students at risk of being unsuccessful in their progression through medical education and to provide targeted support to them to mitigate the identified risk. The condensed and intensive nature of the medical course means that it is important to identify problems and associated support needs for individual students as early as possible to minimise the impact of those problems and to maximise opportunities for development.

Please find full details about the Concerns process in the following documents:

A Concern can be raised for any situation that represents a potential risk or barrier to a student’s success. This encompasses a range of issues from academic weakness, health impacting on practice and issues relating to behaviour, attitude and conduct. 

The GMC's Achieving Good Medical Practice sets out the expectations of Medical School students we recommend that you take time to read this document so you are familiar with their expectations and requirements.

The Concerns process is supportive and students are helped to recognise problems, supported to make changes, reflect and learn from their mistakes . Most issues will be resolved in this way and hopefully the student will continue to succeed in their medical training.

Recognising problems early and cooperating with those offering support, is expected from all our students.

The Concerns process is always supportive however, if a student does not engage with the process and/or their behaviour or concerns have reached a certain threshold, a referral to the Fitness to Practise process will be made.  The Fitness to Practise proceedings are independent of the Concerns process and the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.  Please click here for more information on the Fitness to Practise process. 

Please note: you have a responsibility to report any concerns you may have about a fellow student or any member of staff, so that the concerns group may act early to manage the situation and minimise adverse consequences. Guidance on this can be found in the Whistle-blowing policy. 

The link to raise a Concern can be found in the left-hand menu of this page, under the Raising Concerns menu, or by clicking the link here.

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