Topic outline

  • High-Quality Teaching and Learning experience

    The University of Buckingham Medical school is committed to providing high quality education and learning experience to every student.

    The General Medical Council standards prescribed under Theme 2 of ‘Promoting excellence: standards for medical education and training’ (2016) state that "The educational governance system continuously improves the quality and outcomes of education and training by measuring performance against the standards, demonstrating accountability, and responding when standards are not being met"

    The University of Buckingham Medical School Quality Management Strategy defined by the UBMS ‘Code of Practice for Quality Management’ is designed to ensure that this is achieved. The Quality Team ensures that high standards and good practice within the teaching, learning and assessment are embedded throughout the MB ChB, and problems are rapidly identified and addressed.

  • Operational Process for Quality Management

    The GMC is responsible for Quality assurance (QA) .The GMC assures the effectiveness of the quality management system through a combination of inspections, surveys and other data gathered from across the system. 

    The University of Buckingham Medical School is responsible for the overall quality management of the MB ChB programme, the responsibility of the operation of the quality management processes will be delegated to the Quality Lead who will lead the Quality unit. 

    It is the responsibility of each Education Provider Unit (EPU) delivering parts of the curriculum or broader curriculum functions to operate a quality control system and ensure that the education they are providing meets local, national and professional standards. 

    The University of Buckingham Medical School (UBMS) uses the GMC'S Quality Assurance Framework as the corner-stone of the strategy to develop a flexible and responsive approach to the quality management of the MB ChB course. The overall structure of the GMC's quality framework as it applies to UBMS is illustrated below.

    Please refer to the Quality Processes document and the Code of Practice for Quality Management for further details.

    Quality Improvement Framework