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    The Medical School has developed and designed an assessment system weighted towards educational impact that drives learning of all students. The assessment system does not just identify academic progress but drives deep, contextual and constructive learning that will last a lifetime.

    The University of Buckingham Medical School is committed to ensuring that methods of assessment are effective in measuring student attainment of the intended learning outcomes and that assessment policy and practices are effective in monitoring the validity, equality and reliability of assessment.

    The primary purpose of summative assessment at the University of Buckingham Medical School is to assure the Medical School, the individual student, future employers, the General Medical Council and the public that each student has achieved all of the 'outcomes for graduates' defined in 'Tomorrow's Doctors' (2009) by the end of the course and that students earlier in the course are making satisfactory progress towards those outcomes.

    As most students will reach the outcomes through consistently satisfactory performance in assessments, however, the other main purpose of the assessment system is to drive the learning of all students, and the medical school has therefore chosen to place a high weight on educational impact in the design of the assessment system.  The aim is to assess students in ways that will drive deep, contextual & constructive learning that will last into life-long practice, not just to identify those few students who are not reaching the outcomes.  

    Assessment Overview

  • Assessment timetable

    In Phase 1, there will be an End of Term Assessment (ETA) at the end of each term. In Phase 2, there will be an assessment at the end of each rotation. The Key Assessment dates are below.  Results will be posted shortly after the exam board has met.

    2022 / 2023 Academic Year    

    (All dates and venues are provisional and dependent on the COVID-19 situation at the time)

    Cohort Assessment Buckingham  Location Crewe Location Exam Exam day
    M18 PSA3 MKUH A/C n/a 29/04/22 F
    M18 Y4 QE A MKUH A/C n/a 23/05/22 M
    M18 Y4 QE B MKUH A/C n/a 24/05/22 T
    M18 Y4 QE C MKUH A/C n/a 25/05/22 W
    M18 Y4 QE OSCE A MKUH A/C n/a 26/05/22 TH
    M18 Y4 QE OSCE B MKUH A/C n/a 27/05/22 F
    M18 PSA4 MKUH A/C n/a 06/06/22 M
    Cohort Assessment Location Location Exam Exam day
    M19 SJT1 Pearson Vue n/a December n/a
    M19 SJT2 Pearson Vue n/a January n/a
    M19 PSA1 Kent's Hill n/a 03/02/23 F
    M19 PSA2 MKUH n/a 13/03/23 M
    M19 FPE A Kent's Hill n/a 13/03/23 M
    M19 FPE B Kent's Hill n/a 14/03/23 T
    M19 FPE C Kent's Hill n/a 15/03/23 W
    M19 OSCE 4A Kent's Hill n/a 16/03/23 TH
    M19 OSCE 4B Kent's Hill n/a 17/03/23 F
    M19 PSA3 MKUH n/a 24/04/23 M
    M19 Y4 QE A MKUH n/a 22/05/23 M
    M19 Y4 QE B MKUH n/a 23/05/23 T
    M19 Y4 QE CMKUH n/a 24/05/23 W
    M19 Y4 QE OSCE A MKUH n/a 25/05/23 TH
    M19 Y4 QE OSCE B MKUH n/a 26/05/23 F
    M19 PSA4 MKUH n/a 02/06/23 F
    Cohort Assessment Location Location Exam Exam day
    M20 IPE MOSCE3MKUH n/a 17/11/22 TH
    M20 IPE A Kent's Hill n/a 27/02/23 M
    M20 IPE B Kent's Hill n/a 28/02/23 T
    M20 IPE C Kent's Hill n/a 01/03/23 W
    M20 IPE OSCE A Kent's Hill n/a 02/03/23 TH
    M20 IPE OSCE B Kent's Hill n/a 03/03/23 F
    M20 Y3 QE A MKUH n/a 03/04/23 M
    M20 Y3 QE B MKUH n/a 04/04/23 T
    M20 Y3 QE CMKUH n/a 05/04/23 W
    M20 Y3 QE OSCE A MKUH n/a 13/04/23 TH
    M20 Y3 QE OSCE B MKUH n/a 14/04/23 F
    Cohort Assessment Location Location Exam Exam day
    M21 ETA4 Kent's Hill tbc 17/05/22 T
    M21 ETA5Kent's Hill tbc 30/08/22 T
    M21 ETA6A Kent's Hill tbc 04/01/23 W
    M21 ETA6B Kent's Hill tbc 05/01/23 TH
    M21 OSCE2 Kent's Hill tbc 06/01/23 F
    M21 Y2 QE A MKUH tbc 16/02/23 TH
    M21 Y2 QE B MKUH tbc 17/02/23 F
    M21 Y2 QE OSCE MKUH tbc 23/02/23 Th
    Cohort Assessment Location Location Exam Exam day
    M22 ETA1 Kent's Hill GYM 14/04/22 TH
    M22 ETA2A Kent's Hill tbc 26/07/22 T
    M22 ETA2B Kent's Hill tbc 27/07/22 W
    M22 Y1 MOSCE Kent's Hill tbc 22/09/22 TH
    M22 ETA3A Kent's Hill tbc 22/11/22 T
    M22 ETA3B Kent's Hill tbc 24/11/22 TH
    M22 OSCE1 Kent's Hill tbc 01/12/22 TH
    M22 Y1 QE A MKUH tbc 23/01/23 M
    M22 Y1 QE BMKUH tbc 24/01/23 T
    M22 Y1 QE OSCE MKUH tbc 26/01/23 Th
    M22 ETA4 Kent's Hill tbc tbc
    Cohort Assessment Location Location Exam Exam day
    M23 META1 Kent's Hill tbc 07/03/23 T
    M23 ETA1 Kent's Hill tbc tbc


    • Dates are indicative only and may be subject to change.

    • Written exams may be in the morning or afternoon.

    • Times and location will be confirmed two weeks before the exam by email.

    • Results are usually released within two working days of the Exam Board meeting.

    • Results of assessment maybe withheld if a student has outstanding tuition fees.

    • Students need to be available for the whole day for OSCEs.

    • Students who do not meet the requirements to progress automatically, can take the qualifying exam (QE).

    • Further detail regarding assessment arrangements are described in the Assessment Code Of Practice.

    • For information on Mitigating Circumstances, please click here

    • Assessment Document and Information Register

    • Submitting NM, SSC and Library Projects through Examsoft

      This is the presentation from the briefing about the process for submitting your files to your NM, eportfolio or SSC Lead / Library Project Supervisor.

    • Using Examsoft

      Examsoft is a system that enables you to take exams on various devices. The simple set up process is outlined below.

      When you are registered as an examtaker in Examsoft, you will get an automated email asking you to download the Examsoft app (called Examplify) from the app store. Ignore any references to paying a fee and system requirements.

    • Preparation for the Intermediate Professional Exam (IPE)

      In Year 3 of the course students rotate around 6 Blocks (Junior Rotation). This guidance describes how to prepare for the examinations at the end of the year.

    • Situational Judgement Test (SJT)

      Please see the Careers and Foundation Programme page for more information about the SJTs 

      • Illness on Exam Day

        You need to bear in mind infection control and patient safety.  Even if your exam is not in a clinical area, the people you are in contact with will be going into clinical areas.  For these reasons the MKUH Staff Health and Wellbeing Department provides the following guidance, based on the information in the MKUH document "Precautions for Specific Infections":

        Diarrhoea (with an unknown cause): do not attend until asymptomatic for 48 hours if stools are watery (see the Bristol Stool Chart)

        Vomitting (with an unknown cause): do not attend until asymptomatic for 48 hours.

        Diarrhoea and/or vomitting (with known cause that is not infectious, e.g. IBS or motion sickness): you may attend if you feel well enough.

      • Preparation for Year 1 Formative Remote OSCE (frOSCE)