Letter to first year students from Professor Petersen

Dear first year students

I have heard from one or two tutors that some of you may still be confused about the content of the End  of Term Assessments.

Just to be absolutely sure, I repeat what you have been told on several previous occasions, and which is clearly presented in the Code of Practice for Assessment and other documents on Moodle:

Each End of Term Assessment will assess material from both that term, and all previous terms in the course.  That is to say assessment is cumulative and synoptic.

In ETA2, therefore, you can expect to be tested on material from both term 2 and term 1.

As a doctor you will have to draw on material from all parts of your medical course throughout your professional life.  'Learn and Forget' is not an option for you, and we have to make sure that the assessments reflect that.

Do also be clear that we have not suddenly sprung this on you.  I gave a talk to you all on the 18th January in which I explained this clearly (the power-point presentation is still on Moodle), and it is also explained in the Code of Practice for Assessment, which has been available to you through Moodle since you arrived at Buckingham.

I am sure that most of you will have realised this and prepared accordingly, but we just want to be absolutely sure!

Best wishes

Stewart Petersen

Last modified: Thursday, 28 July 2016, 9:40 AM