Topic outline

  • Clinical Placements

    Clinical Placements

    Learning in clinical environments is a vital part of the medical course, taking a significant proportion of your time in Phase one, and nearly all of your time in Phase two. Working with practising doctors and real patients is very motivating and stimulating, and you must always aim to maximise your exposure to clinical work.

  • Code of conduct and Dress Code for clinical areas

    In the clinical environment the safety and dignity of patients is critical, and you must therefore be sure always to behave appropriately. You will be given extensive guidance on how to dress and how to conduct yourself so that you do not put patients at risk, or offer them offence.

  • Whistle-blowing policy

    The University of Buckingham Medical School is committed to promoting the highest standards of quality, integrity, openness and accountability in its students and staff. In demonstrating this commitment, the Medical School encourages students, who have serious concerns about any part of their studies, of the Medical School or a Local Education Provider, to come forward and express them. The purpose of this Whistle-Blowing Policy is to support a student who raises concerns in good faith allowing them to do so confidentially, without fear of reprisal or victimisation.