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The EMER Attendance app is used to monitor student attendance.

It is available on the Apple and Google App stores, search for 'EMER Attendance' and install the app from the store.

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Google Play App

User Guide 


To use the app you will need to edit the settings to include your Student ID, password and the EMER service URL. Once the settings have been successfully set you will be able to register your attendance from the location of your studies.

The current version of the app can now be used on more than one device at a time.

Using EMER Attendance

Press the button in the middle of the app to register your attendance

Main Screen

If successful  the status bar under the button will indicate that your registration was successful and a reminder of the event location will be shown in the details section

Attendance Registered

Viewing History

A list of the last 20 registration requests will be shown. 


Submitting Attendance from History

If you do not have access to the internet you can still register your attendance with the app and update your records at a later time once you have an internet connection.
To do this select the history option from the options button and search for the scheduled event. Select this event and 're-register' your attendance.
Please note, you must attempt to sign in as normal at the start of your event regardless of whether you have an internet connection or not. Then, once you have a connection this information will be used to update your attendance records. 



For the app to work correctly the setings section needs to have the required information

  • Student ID number
  • Student password
  • Service URL
This information should already have been provided by the university

Settings Accepted

Error meanings

Registration errors

  • Invalid student ID (supplied student ID does not exist or is not a medical student)
  • Invalid date/time (supplied date/time is not in an understandable format)
  • Location out of range (device is too far away from the correct location, student needs to move closer
  • Token Expired (The token assigned to your device has expired, Please enter your details again in settings)
  • Attendance not verified (The app has failed to register attendance due to internet connectivity) 

Settings errors

  • No input received (URL has been requested with no input data)
  • Missing username (input data does not contain a username field)
  • Missing password (input data does not contain a password field)
  • Invalid username/password (supplied credentials not found in user database)

This app only records GPS information, date, time and student ID when a attendance request is made or for the app settings. It does not currently record any other information.This information is passed to an EMER system run by the university/school for the purposes of monitoing the student attendance. This information will not be shared with any third parties that you have not been notified of by the university/school. 

EMER attendance Apple Store EMER Attendance Google Play

Further information regarding attendance requirements and use of the app can be found in the Attendance and Absence FAQs document.

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