Studying Medicine at University is more demanding than most other undergraduate courses, and as a medical student you must meet the standards and learning outcomes of the MB ChB programme in order to graduate with a professional qualification.  You can only do this by engaging fully with the course.  Attendance at all elements is therefore compulsory due to the nature of the curriculum design, the timetabling of class based and clinical sessions, and importantly the educational model in which you will be working.  You must attend unless there is a very good reason not to.  Attendance will be monitored at all scheduled teaching, and any absences will be reported to the 'concerns group'.  The concerns group will consider the cases of any students who are absent without good reason from any teaching, and will intervene to discover what issues there may be and how they may be managed.  You must always therefore inform the medical school why you have been absent.  The Medical School does recognise that there may be times when you have to be absent from the course; for example, if you are unwell, or for compassionate reasons.  You may also wish to take leave for professional development and extramural activities.  If you are unwell you must certify that illness.  You may self certify for the first few days of illness, but must obtain a medical certificate from a doctor if you are unwell for longer or if your illness coincides with an assessment.  If you are sick, you will be able to 'self-certificate' for up to one week and if you are unfortunate enough to be ill for more than one week, then you must obtain a sick note from your GP and complete the certification form.  If there are compassionate reasons you must let the medical school know, and if possible discuss with a member of the student support team before you leave.  If you wish to take leave for other reasons, then you must request it in advance using the forms provided.  There is guidance for requesting leave on Moodle.  You must realise that you cannot take significant time off from the course without affecting your progress to such a degree that you cannot meet the course requirements.  If you do find that you need a lot of time off the 'concerns group' may require you to withdraw from the course until issues are resolved.

If you do find yourself having to deal with a difficult situation and are concerned about taking time off, it is much better to come and discuss the matter early so that we may put in place a sensible means of managing the situation. 

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