Mitigating Circumstances

Student notification of mitigating circumstances and mitigating circumstances report forms must be submitted before any results are published, and normally before an assessment is taken, unless events are very sudden at the time of the assessment.  Any claim of mitigating circumstances must be supported by evidence, and there is guidance provided on Moodle as to what that evidence should be.  All claims of mitigation are considered by a Mitigating Circumstances Group whose members are not at that stage aware of the results of the assessment.  The group will decide whether to accept the mitigation.  If mitigation is accepted that may affect a subsequent progression decision.  You must understand that mitigation can never change the grade you are awarded for an assessment, only the consequences of that grade for your progression.  If you present yourself for assessment then you are declaring yourself 'fit to sit' that assessment, and whatever grade you obtain will always stand.  If you do not sit an assessment and your mitigation is not accepted then you will be graded as unsatisfactory in that assessment.  If you do not sit an assessment and your mitigation is accepted then you may take a qualifying examination (or resit in the case of SSCs) as a 'first sit', meaning that you will automatically be offered a repeat period of study should you not succeed.


The Mitigating Circumstances Group meets before each meeting of the Board of Examiners.  Students must submit evidence of mitigating circumstances before the start time of any assessment. In the case of events happening at or very close to the time of the assessment, immediately afterwards, and in all cases at least 24 hours before the published time of the Mitigating Circumstances Group. Those submissions that come late, come without evidence and are trivial will not be viewed positively.


Med 16


MCG meeting date


8th June 2.30pm


14th September 2.30pm





Med 17


MCG meeting date


4th May 2.30pm


24th August 2.00pm


14th December 2.30pm

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