Pastoral Team

Educational Psychologist

Dr David McLoughlin 

David is a registered Educational and Occupational Psychologist. He is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. His speciality is in specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADD. He provides diagnostic assessments for adults in higher education and employment, making recommendations as to how they can be supported through tutoring and adjustments in examinations.  David is also a Visiting Professor in the Psychology Department at the University.

Joanna LeachFoundation English Department

Ms Joanna Leach

Joanna will assist those of you who are experiencing difficulties in written or oral communication where English is not for example your first language. 

Health and wellbeing

Ms Marilyn Hopkins

Marilyn is a dedicated healthcare professional with considerable experience over a number of years in the NHS providing pastoral support, coaching and mentoring to undergraduates, postgraduates and doctors in training. Marilyn is here to listen and assist students to make personal decisions to overcome their issues/problems and, as necessary, refer them to the appropriate practitioner for further specific advice and guidance.

Dr Neil Graham

Neil is a consultant radiologist at Milton Keynes hospital, and is a coach and mentor for doctors in training as part of the Career Development Unit.

Dr Sue Peacock

Dr Peacock is a Consultant Health Psychologist and Head of the Health Psychology Service at Milton Keynes Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. She specialises in the emotional and behaviour aspects of physical health, with her main interests include working with people with long term health conditions and developing emotional resilience in the healthcare environment. This includes help with pacing themselves, goal setting, managing stress, living with uncertainty and moving forward.

Student liaison officers

The Medical School has two Liaison officers, whose primary role is to offer independent advice and support. The Liaison Officers aim to provide impartial and confidential help, and advise you about the options available to you on a wide range of topics such as academic appeals, or difficulties with the department, or simply to offer guidance about where to go and what to do. They are available for all of you and you can be assured that they have a policy of treating all information in the strictest of confidence and will not take any action on issues you raise without your consent.

Dr Jacqueline O'Dowd

Dr Jacqueline O'Dowd

Health and well-being

All of you will have the appropriate support for your academic and general welfare needs and will be given information about all of these support networks.  You will be encouraged to look after your own health and given information about your responsibilities in this respect as a medical student.   We want you all to be resilient, and empowered to feel confident in seeking appropriate advice, support and treatment in a confidential and supportive environment.   The Medical School consists of the Occupational Health Service, a counsellor, coach/mentor and health psychologist, as well as an independent educational psychologist. The Medical School will promote many options for accessing counselling and psychological support, for example referral by a Personal Tutor, OHS, Student Support Lead, or self referral, and has a confidential reporting system, so that any information about you will be held in strictest confidence and details will not be disclosed to the Medical School without your consent (unless there is a Fitness to Practise issue).

The Medical School provides this confidential service to all students.  You may use these services for a variety of reasons, ranging from difficulties with adjusting to University life, or family/relationship concerns, to stress, depression, anxiety or related issues.  Counselling services are primarily short-term, some students will see a counsellor just once or twice, some of you may go and see them regularly over a period of time.  Students who are having difficulties are encouraged to talk them through with a mentor, counsellor or psychologist as this can sometimes prevent them turning into major problems.  This discreet one-to-one support is designed to help students managing mental health issues at university.  The aim of the Pastoral service is to assist students to lessen the impact these might have on their studies.  If required, the service can co-ordinate a network of support from those available both at the university and in the wider community.  Further information about the MB ChB Student Pastoral network and can be obtained by emailing the Student Support Lead:  Tel: +44 7715 371354

St Andrews Outpatient Clinic

The St Andrews Outpatient clinic offers an external confidential service to the Medical School and some of you may feel more comfortable to discuss any serious health or personal issues with a member of the St Andrews team.  Appointments can be arranged through your GP following confirmation from the Student Support Team and you will normally be seen within 10 days. 

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